Quality dental care is very important for the team at Marske Veterinary Practice. Long gone are the days of “yank and scrape” veterinary dental care.

We believe that regular oral hygiene performed by the owners at home is critical to healthy mouths. We can offer you advice on oral care for your pet.

Even with perfect home prophylaxis occasionally we will still occasionally advise our clients that their pet needs to have a procedure under general anaesthesia to clean and asses oral health. This is a very important part of maintaining good oral health, as we can check each tooth, look below gum lines and X-ray the teeth if necessary.

Should your pet require an extraction it will be done at our practice.

Sometimes we will refer our patients to a dental specialist for advanced treatment such as endodontics and root canal treatments.

If you are unsure if your pet needs to be seen to have their teeth checked please call our reception and make an appointment for a free dental check or visit the Pet Dental Scoring website for a self-assessment tool.